Whipped Sugar Scrub with Cocoa Butter

I’ve been wearing my mad scientist hat all weekend. When I wear my mad scientist hat I’m transformed into an absolutely mad Kitchen Chemist, ready to try anything. Well, almost :).
This past weekend, I made some of my usual recipes like my best-selling Chocolate soap and Cocoa Body Butter. This morning however, I am finishing a beautiful, new and improved version of my whipped sugar scrub.

I make ‘buttery’ scrubs using Shea Butter most of the time but I’ve realized that since Cocoa Butter is not quite as thick and heavy as Shea Butter, it makes a ‘fluffier’ scrub which I absolutely adore. Don’t get me wrong, Shea makes an incredible scrub as well which gives a more intensive moisturizing action. For this reason I recommend my Shea Butter based scrubs for aging skin. Anyway! Back to the point! The new and improved Cocoa Butter scrub!

I incorporated some emulsifying wax into the formula and what e-wax does is that it allows the oil and water to form a ‘bond’ therefore allowing the product to wash off easier than if it were made with oil or butters alone. Although the product washes off it leaves the skin soft and moisturized afterwards.

Would you like to try your own simple whipped scrub?
Here’s a guide! I’ll put down a simple recipe in percentages so that you are free to use your preferred units of measurement. Also, in the spirit of being creative, I have suggested various ingredients which you can use according to your individual taste (or vision).

At least 50% Butters (Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, any of your favourites)
20 – 50% Liquid Oils (Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Rice bran, Rose hip, any favorites? leave a comment! 🙂
10% E-wax
A few drops of your favorite Essential oil or fragrance

Make sure you know enough about Essential Oils and fragrances before you try to use them. For 100g of product you will need only a few drops of Essential Oil or fragrance.

Melt your butters together with your e-wax and oils, whip them all together with a hand mixer and then cool them before whipping again to get a beautiful fluffy look like this:

After you whip, add some sugar to the mix:

Mix with a spoon till the sugar is evenly dispersed throughout:

Voila! A beautiful whipped sugar scrub 🙂 Here are my filled containers:

Keep the scrubs in a cool, dry place. Too much heat will make them go flat.

Till next time, have a BEAUTY-FULL day! 😀



Fairy Tales Bagan Myanmar Ruins


“Fairy Tales” – Bagan, Myanmar – Amnon Eichlberg – Featured Photographer

This landscape looks like a Hollywood set for the next “Indiana Jones” movie.  Everything just looks so interesting.  I have been to several ruins around the world, but nothing that looks like this.   After reading a little about this mystical place please check out Amnon’s extensive portfolio at  www.amnonpic.com.  Prepare to be amazed!

Here is Amnon:

The ruins of Bagan cover an area of 16 square miles (41 km2).  The majority of its buildings were built in the 11th century to 13th century, during the time Bagan was the capital of the First Burmese Empire.   After an earthquake in 1975, there are only 2,217 pagodas left in Bagan, in contrast to more than 5,000 before the disaster.

All of the area was designated like fairy tales country.  This feeling intensifies especially in the early morning and towards sunset when the area is wrapped in mist, fog…

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Desert Rose

The Desert Rose grows typically in arid areas of Africa like Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar. It also does well here in Ghana and other humid areas as well as in the middle East. Although it responds well to  frequent watering, it really doesn’t require too much watering and can withstand harsh and dry conditions. With frequent watering, you will need to have good drainage as this flower does not do well in standing water. Similar to tropical Orchids, root rot may occur if  the flower gets too much water that doesn’t drain off.

I have about three of these growing in my garden and I really love them. It’s been about a year since I planted the one seen in this photo:

Desert Rose

Over here in Ghana the Desert rose flowers all year round. The flowers stay up to a couple of weeks before falling off  and making way for new buds.

Okyeame Kwame for Ghana’s Digital Movement

This morning I attended a press conference organized by Okyeame Kwame, MTN and Techno. The theme – ‘Digital Migration’ referred to the changing trends in music distribution from physical to digital. Okyeame Kwame will be releasing his new album ‘The Clinic’ exclusively through MTN’s newest music service – ‘MTN Radio’. The service allows mobile phone and smart phone users to subscribe, create playlists, and download songs for a small fee, simply by dialing in to the short code 1303.

A large percentage of Ghanaians do NOT download music via the internet, but almost every Ghanaian has a mobile phone. A growing number of Ghanaians either own smart phones or aspire to own one. There are 10 million subscribers currently on the MTN network in Ghana. It’s about time! I’m personally excited about the possiblities presented here, but as Obuor rightly said at the conference, it is the revenue sharing percentages that would determine if this is really a good deal for us the artists. Okyeame Kwame is leading the way, and his success will influence and inspire other artists to join the digital revolution. I myself will be featuring on a song with Okyeame Kwame on his new album, and look forward to digitizing my work on our local networks as well.  Considering our poor(physical) distribution network, this is the way forward. I get numerous calls, messages, and e-mails from fans who have a hard time finding and buying my CDs and it gets frustrating considering the fact that Cantamanto is the music headquarters of Accra. Enough said.

As the poster-child for MTN on this project, and since he will be releasing his new album exclusively through MTN Radio, Okyeame Kwame’s songs will be selling for .95p per song while other artists will be selling for .30p per song. Okyeame Kwame also pledged 20% of all his sales towards free Hepatitis B screening across Ghana.

Over the last decade, the landscape of the global music industry has been transformed, and it’s time for Africa to join the digital revolution. Companies like SPICE and SPINLET are emerging to facilitate this digital movement in partnership with the mobile phone networks who currently hold the key to unlocking Africa’s ‘iTunes’ potential.

Left to right: Okyeame Kwame, Yasmeen, Kwame ‘Swift’ Farkye