Wishing you Love ♥


Photo Courtesy: welovestyles.com

Starting yesterday, and ending this morning, Venus made her transition across the sun. This was a monumental astronomical event that won’t happen again for another 105 years! Venus signifies love and beauty and carries with her precious gifts of love and beauty for all mankind. These energies are especially linked to the feminine as we strive for universal balance and equilibrium. Yesterday I created a new Tumblr account dedicated solely to the purpose of LOVE and my love movement. You can visit me here –> MY Love Movement  ♥

As a Taurean singer, soulstress and songwriter, I strive to use my creative talents to grow love, to express love, to give love, take love, and make love. I believe strongly in a love movement that will become strong enough to break the powers of darkness, thereby bringing bright light and consciousness to us all. We need to tap into the intense amorous energy surrounding us this week and use it to channel creativity and positive things. I’d like to share this love post I created which has made it’s way around Facebook.  I directed it towards feminine friends considering the very female nature of this event. Feel free to edit and post it to people you would like to share your love with. Peace and Blessings.

Here is the post created for the women who are dearly loved in my social circles: [You may re-post]

Just floating through with a bundle of LOVE to remind you that you are a princess of light. As Venus makes her way across the sun she brings huge bursts of love energy to mankind. This event is particularly linked to the feminine as we strive for balance in the universe. The answer is MORE LOVE. Post this on the walls of women whom you wish to share your love with and whom you love dearly (even if you’ve never met). “The rays of happiness are like light, and are colorless when unbroken”.. Keep the happiness moving.. spread the love! Thinking of you in this moment. Sending you pure love ♥ peace ♥ light ♥ ♥ ♥

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