Welcome to motherhood!

I started a new category on my blog because I am a mother now! How exciting! How emotional! How crazy! … so many words to describe this one word – motherhood. My pregnancy was generally very beautiful and healthy since I had previously switched to living a better, natural lifestyle. That definitely paid off, although I did have my share of cravings during that time. I was also particularly lucky when it came to my weight gain and physical changes during pregnancy. I was barely showing till I was almost 7 months preggo, no swollen face syndrome, I had what people might call a ‘blooming’ pregnancy. I started a hypnobabies course aimed at helping me to relax, and to accept the natural nature of childbirth; re-thinking the process and adopting a more peaceful and positive approach. I was not able to fully complete the course but I do believe I took a lot out of the experience, and staying positive throughout the period. My birth experience was physically difficult as I labored for almost 24 hours, with baby turning his head to the ideal position only at the very last minute when literally, I was about to be wheeled into the theatre for an emergency C-section. Thankfully my determination paid off and I gave birth naturally to a healthy 3.5kg baby boy at 3:55pm on 28th February 2013.

Nolan Waleed is my pride and joy and is now 10 weeks old. He is my first precious child and I am learning so much as I embark on this journey with him. He’s a happy child full of smiles unless of course he is uncomfortable for some reason which most of the time is found in 3 letters – GAS! For those of you mothers with “Colicky” babies, I feel your pain! I will post later about Colic and gas, and things I have tried to help give Nolan some relief.  In these 10 weeks we have already had to deal with an ear infection, circumcision, vaccinations, and his digestive problems. Oh the joy! 🙂

Oh yes! it’s all that and more! The initial high, the boobie drama, all the unsolicited advice, and the sleep-less nights. I say “sleep less” and not “sleepless” because you could manage to sleep in-between feedings for a few hours at a time. I’m lucky to have a baby who sleeps more at night than he does during the day. How long you get to sleep of course depends on your baby. All-in-all he is a bundle of joy and I am so thankful and blessed to have him in my life. So I say to myself and all you first time mommies out there – welcome to motherhood, the most fulfilling full-time (and overtime) job in the universe!

“PADDY” by Yasmeen

A song in “Ga’ – ethnic Ghanaian (West African) language. A song about peace and friendship encouraging everyone to grow more LOVE in their hearts. “Paddy” or “Padi” means more than “friend”. It means “close friend”, “bossom friend”, or “buddy”. How would you say this in your language?