Still We Rise!

Love movement stand up!! I’m rejuvenated and happy and guess what? I release two singles within the last month. Yaaay! It’s been nine months since I had my little angel and about 3 months since I’ve been back in the studio. The album is almost finished and I’m looking forward to a really exciting 2014. I just thought I would make this long over-due post, and tell you, my dear readers, how the last part of 2013 has been for me.

Very exciting! I must say! the universe seems to be granting me a great deal of harmony by creating the exact situations, opportunities, and encounters I need to move up into a better place in my life, soul, and spirit. In November I released my single “Yellow Moon” < < Click to download , and just last Saturday I released my new dance single “Still We Rise” << click to download.

Last Saturday, Dec 14th, I had a marathon event that involved M.Y. Beauty Cafe, and my new single. During the day (from 4pm), we had M.Y Christmas spa party. Everything in-store was reduced by 15%, we had cocktail refreshments including various fruit drinks, fruit khebabs, sandwiches, meatballs, ham rolls and more. Maria Owusu was there to talk to us about the health benefits of Coconut Oil and ways it can be used to improve health and wellness. Friends and clients of Madame Yasmeen were pampered and encouraged to maintain the eco-friendly lifestyle.


As day wore on into night, our nocturnal friends began to arrive for the second part of the event – my single release. M.Y Beauty Cafe remained open throughout the night, and at this point I’ve just got to mention how beautiful it was having the store full of bubbles, drifting outside into the night, and sometimes over to Chez Nicole Restaurant/Pub next door.

By 7pm, guests had begun moving towards Chez Nicole Restaurant/Pub. Food and drinks were still going around, I greeted guests and gave a short welcome message. At 8pm I gave a short performance for the sake of the ‘early’ and ‘older’ guests who would not stay the night. By 11pm the street in front of Chez Nicole and M.Y Beauty Cafe was popping! We had young, and old, meek and wild, bikers, and booty shorts ๐Ÿ™‚



At midnight, Myself, Waseem, and Andre performed “Still We Rise” again, and some lucky guests won prizes including hampers and personal care products by Madame Yasmeen.



And my favorite shot came from a FAN CAM! Thanks Mirvat for taking this shot below ๐Ÿ™‚ We had a blast.




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