Take a Deep Breadth …… and Relax !


Many people spend an awful lot of time (and money) taking care of their bodies, through exercising and eating well, but too few people prioritize taking the same care of their Mind.

While the benefits of Meditation has been known by Yogis for thousands of years, an ever increasing body of scientific research now supports the health benefits of meditation. Plus, not only is meditation free, it is also easy to learn and can be practiced almost anywhere, without the need for expensive equipment.

“You should meditate for 20 minutes every day, unless you’re really busy and then you should meditate for 40”

However, which Meditation is right for you!

Here is a short overview of a few of the most popular types, and I encourage you to the select one that feels right for you and begin incorporating meditation into your daily lifestyle

1. Mindfulness comes from the Buddhist tradition…

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Baby led weaning. Onward into the world of solids.

Allowing baby to lead you into his or her new found world of solids is lots of fun. By the age of 7 months most babies have begun growing milk teeth. My Wolly got his first two at 5 months and now at 11 months he just cut tooth number 8! I’ve seen one year olds who have no teeth yet, or who have just cut their first 2 or 4 (upper and lower center) so don’t be alarmed if your little one is taking his or her time. Even if the teeth are not showing yet most babies older than 7 moimagenths have strong enough gums for chomping down on pureed or soft foods. Also by this time baby should be able to sit up and hold his head up without support, and will probably start getting curious about what is in your plate or what you are putting into your mouth. This is when you can offer baby some soft foods or pureed versions of whatever you are having for dinner but without the seasoning. It is also a good time to make baby part of family mealtimes so, by establishing a routine, your baby begins to understand (and even get excited about) mealtimes.

Allow your baby to experiment with different textures and tastes by offering various soft (melt-in-the-mouth) foods on a non-breakable plate accompanied by a beaker or training cup of water. Cut up pieces of banana, seedless watermelon, soft potato, avocado, boiled soft carrots, brown bread (toast) with a little butter or yoghurt, soft pasta ( for older babies 9 months and up). Enjoy watching your baby pick at and try different foods and especially take in all the different facial expressions. I laughed when my little guy tried fresh farm yoghurt for the first time. It was slightly tangy so he made a couple of grimaces but then he kept asking for more.

I started Wolly on pureed vegetables and fruits and baby cereals like Purity. Lately we are doing a lot of experimenting so now I know he likes oranges, bananas, pawpaw, bread, biscuits, yoghurt, yam, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots and a Ghanaian local dish called ‘banku’ with okro soup and ‘kontomire’ (a dish made up mainly of greens).

If your baby rejects a particular food, move on to something else then try again later. It is always advisable to start with vegetables before going into fruits since fruits are sweeter and may cause your baby to develop a ‘sweet tooth’ and reject vegetables when you try to introduce them. Pureed lentils, zucchini and carrots are good choices for starters and remember that your baby doesn’t need any added salt, sugar or other spices in their food. Keep it simple. Also make sure you cook carrots before offering them to your baby as raw carrots pose a choking hazard. Grapes can also choke a baby so if you offer your baby grapes, make sure to cut them in half. The general rule-of-thumb goes by this question: “does it melt in the mouth?”.

Baby-led weaning is fun because it doesn’t make one feel so pressured about baby’s transition to solids. Just have fun with your baby and encourage him or her to eat healthy by offering various interesting and colorful options. Before the age of 2 years, your little one still needs some milk and fat in their diet so if you have stopped breast-feeding, try to provide a healthy substitute in the form of natural milk products like Coconut milk, almond milk, or special milk formula for babies if needed. Much love to you from me and Nolly Wolly in Ghana! Till next time..

Hair Salad! Featuring Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

If you allow your hair to maintain its natural PH balance you will really enjoy keeping and styling your own natural hair. I know maintenance can be a nightmare for those of us with thick hair. My hair is quite dry and is constantly craving moisture. Whatever texture or type of hair you have you will definitely benefit from going natural, and nourishing your hair with natural conditioners and moisturizers.yazzzzz

Today I’ll be talking about Olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar as part of your natural hair care routine, and how you can use these ingredients to improve the health of your crowning glory. Whatever your hair type is, a hair mask is a great addition to your hair care routine. With the right mix of ingredients, a hair mask done on a regular basis will give your hair body and shine and may help stop breakage.

Use Rhassoul clay or a mixture of ground herbs to form the base of your hair mask. Have you tried Mayonnaise? It may not be so good for the waistline but it definitely contributes to a banging hair mask!
Take your clay and/or herbs and mix in the mayonnaise to form a base. If you are using clay you will probably need to add some water to the mix.

Olive oil is one of the most therapeautic and healing oils you can find. Amazingly beneficial for skin and hair, this oil will provide heavy moisture and conditioning, and will enhance the effectiveness of a hair treatment. Beware of products that read ‘Olive Oil’ but which only have olive oil as part of the formulation. Use pure, natural olive oil; and it doesn’t really matter if it’s virgin or pomace.

Madame Yasmeen carries Rhassoul clay, and makes a 100% natural hair oil (olive oil included). This is what I usually use as the oil component in my hair mask.

Apply a generous amount of your hair mask to your scalp and hair and leave it in for at least 20 minutes. If you have time you can leave it in for longer.

Apple Cider vinegar is the dressing! 🙂 That comes after you have washed out the hair mask. Using apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair will help bring it to its natural PH level and NO your hair will not smell like a salad after all this 🙂
Add half a cup of the vinegar (apple cider only please) to about 2 gallons of warm water and use this to rinse your hair. Consider this your rinse water and dont be tempted to do another rinse with water only. Air dry or towel dry your hair after the ACV rinse and then follow up with a good moisturizer. Here again, just Olive oil or Madame Yasmeen’s 100% natural hair butter or hair oil will give your hair just enough moisture while allowing your scalp to ‘breathe’. Try it! and let me know.how it goes. Till next time ····

Lifting the veil – my journey (Vol. 1)

ImageWe live in a world of illusion that is shaped by our collective consciousness. To many this sounds like nonsense, but to enlightened and awakening souls, this is well understood. We are all a part of something great and beautiful; something even greater and more beautiful than our simple human minds can comprehend.Some of us are concerned about the way things are going on earth and that is why we choose to help others to seek and find love, to spread love. to know love, and to be one in love. This is because it is ONLY through love that we as humanity can survive these trying times.

The veil that hangs over our ‘eyes’ was woven into existence by many different forces and situations over time, causing us humans to see things much differently than we really should.

Material possessions as a measure of importance and self worth

Many of us believe what we have is a reflection of who we are. No wonder such people can never really find themselves because what they have is never enough. We’re constantly chasing after the next big thing and when we do find it, we quickly get tired of it and need to move on to something else; a vicious cycle of illusion versus reality, and a slow breakdown of our true sense of ‘self’.

The self is a reflection of the divine and until the self re-unites with the divine, one can never find ‘one-ness’ and happiness. Our ultimate goal in spirit is to become one with the divine and “material jungle warfare” prevents that! If everyone lived simply and  took only what they NEEDED, this world would surely be a better place with a MUCH better vibe going on.

In Ghana where I live, material possessions are strong status symbols, influencing how one is perceived in society. Material possessions are also cause for envy and jealousy and people spiting each other. There is a very STRONG negative burden in the air around here which I like to refer to as an ‘energy knot’. There is a challenge for love energy to be able to flow freely because of the entanglement of negative emotions caused by the breakdown of self esteem and our sense of true self worth. The Ghanaian situation (which also applies to a large part of the African continent) is further complicated by the scars left behind from Colonialism and slavery encounters. The energies from these historical wounds are still raging through the Ghanaian collective consciousness, fighting for release. Our desire to ‘be someone’ as people here put it, has led to a huge expansion of the rat race. Corruption is at its peak here and we have recently been named the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. Ironically, while driving through the streets of Accra, one comes across a Church or two almost every Kilometer! Billboards of church advertisements, pastor(s) image campaigns, religious seminars or conventions are springing up everywhere and the leaders of these religious groups are wearing the best Armani suits, driving Range Rovers, wearing Rolex watches, and working towards the next humungous tower in the name of “the Lord”.  There is a lot more to be said about this, but I will pause it here, and as I continue to ‘feel out’ the situation I will keep blogging so that all dear ones out there will work with me to channel love and light to my dear country Ghana. We need it desperately.

The process of lifting the spiritual veil that covers one’s spiritual and all-encompassing vision includes realization, spiritual enlightenment, and ascension of the soul/spirit to resonate on a higher frequency, leaving behind the worldly illusion, and seeking the path of light where ONLY LOVE matters.

I myself am seeking the path of enlightenment and learning more and more as I go. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘remembering’ or getting in touch with a lost part of myself. Start by simply BEING. Living in the moment and spending some quiet time with yourself. Meditation is a great way to get started on your awakening. I will be back soon with more on my personal experiences as I embark on this exciting journey of self and universal love.

2014 is here! Here’s to health, love, and more music!

I don’t do very well with new year’s resolutions. Too much pressure for my mind. I prefer to live in the now and make resolutions as and when they become of utmost necessity. I prefer to bask in the joy of what I have right now, and to positively call out to God and the universe for my heart’s desires for myself and my family. During my time of reflection and meditation I also think of the larger world outside of my home and my immediate networks. I think of all the positive, love-minded, love-driven people in the world. I think of the ones who never had a chance, and the ones who are struggling to get through today. Sometimes I cry, and then I send them some spiritual love vibes, hoping that somehow, through the storms and the harsh winds, they will be touched and blessed.

I have been touched and blessed by the arrival of my son in 2013. My writers block was lifted and my album is almost finished. I’m working on the mixing and mastering of the last batch of songs that I recorded in the last few months and I’m looking forward to a few collaborations with a couple of great Ghanaian artists as well.  Lots more studio time coming up soon. Yaaaaay!

I am blessed to be alive in this new year 2014. Blessed to have my family and my beautiful son who makes me smile and laugh everyday. I’m looking forward to trying out some exciting new recipes – both food and cosmetics! 🙂 ; I’m also excited to try a few DIY up cycling and recycling projects. Last year my team had a lot of fun turning old cans and containers into flower pots. We will be continuing and developing this project this year, as well as trying some new ideas, and this year I will make a conscious effort to blog more about these projects.

This year, the Open Air Stock Exchange flea market is 3 years old! I started this project with Eco-friendly solutions in mind. I wanted to reach the Artistic members of our community as well as the small-scale entrepreneurs who were struggling to find an outlet. The first 2 years were challenging and very hard on my pocket I must say. This last year however has been amazing. We have grown considerably and boast of some really cool and unique products. Click Here to visit The Open Air Stock Exchange on Facebook.

Here’s to a sunny year 2014. May all your dreams come true, wherever you are. Remember that if you focus on it positively, it will manifest. Surround yourself with love always, and in whatever you do, let love lead the way. Wishing you Health, Wealth, and LOTS of happy music!!

One Love