2014 is here! Here’s to health, love, and more music!

I don’t do very well with new year’s resolutions. Too much pressure for my mind. I prefer to live in the now and make resolutions as and when they become of utmost necessity. I prefer to bask in the joy of what I have right now, and to positively call out to God and the universe for my heart’s desires for myself and my family. During my time of reflection and meditation I also think of the larger world outside of my home and my immediate networks. I think of all the positive, love-minded, love-driven people in the world. I think of the ones who never had a chance, and the ones who are struggling to get through today. Sometimes I cry, and then I send them some spiritual love vibes, hoping that somehow, through the storms and the harsh winds, they will be touched and blessed.

I have been touched and blessed by the arrival of my son in 2013. My writers block was lifted and my album is almost finished. I’m working on the mixing and mastering of the last batch of songs that I recorded in the last few months and I’m looking forward to a few collaborations with a couple of great Ghanaian artists as well.  Lots more studio time coming up soon. Yaaaaay!

I am blessed to be alive in this new year 2014. Blessed to have my family and my beautiful son who makes me smile and laugh everyday. I’m looking forward to trying out some exciting new recipes – both food and cosmetics! 🙂 ; I’m also excited to try a few DIY up cycling and recycling projects. Last year my team had a lot of fun turning old cans and containers into flower pots. We will be continuing and developing this project this year, as well as trying some new ideas, and this year I will make a conscious effort to blog more about these projects.

This year, the Open Air Stock Exchange flea market is 3 years old! I started this project with Eco-friendly solutions in mind. I wanted to reach the Artistic members of our community as well as the small-scale entrepreneurs who were struggling to find an outlet. The first 2 years were challenging and very hard on my pocket I must say. This last year however has been amazing. We have grown considerably and boast of some really cool and unique products. Click Here to visit The Open Air Stock Exchange on Facebook.

Here’s to a sunny year 2014. May all your dreams come true, wherever you are. Remember that if you focus on it positively, it will manifest. Surround yourself with love always, and in whatever you do, let love lead the way. Wishing you Health, Wealth, and LOTS of happy music!!

One Love

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