Lifting the veil – my journey (Vol. 1)

ImageWe live in a world of illusion that is shaped by our collective consciousness. To many this sounds like nonsense, but to enlightened and awakening souls, this is well understood. We are all a part of something great and beautiful; something even greater and more beautiful than our simple human minds can comprehend.Some of us are concerned about the way things are going on earth and that is why we choose to help others to seek and find love, to spread love. to know love, and to be one in love. This is because it is ONLY through love that we as humanity can survive these trying times.

The veil that hangs over our ‘eyes’ was woven into existence by many different forces and situations over time, causing us humans to see things much differently than we really should.

Material possessions as a measure of importance and self worth

Many of us believe what we have is a reflection of who we are. No wonder such people can never really find themselves because what they have is never enough. We’re constantly chasing after the next big thing and when we do find it, we quickly get tired of it and need to move on to something else; a vicious cycle of illusion versus reality, and a slow breakdown of our true sense of ‘self’.

The self is a reflection of the divine and until the self re-unites with the divine, one can never find ‘one-ness’ and happiness. Our ultimate goal in spirit is to become one with the divine and “material jungle warfare” prevents that! If everyone lived simply and  took only what they NEEDED, this world would surely be a better place with a MUCH better vibe going on.

In Ghana where I live, material possessions are strong status symbols, influencing how one is perceived in society. Material possessions are also cause for envy and jealousy and people spiting each other. There is a very STRONG negative burden in the air around here which I like to refer to as an ‘energy knot’. There is a challenge for love energy to be able to flow freely because of the entanglement of negative emotions caused by the breakdown of self esteem and our sense of true self worth. The Ghanaian situation (which also applies to a large part of the African continent) is further complicated by the scars left behind from Colonialism and slavery encounters. The energies from these historical wounds are still raging through the Ghanaian collective consciousness, fighting for release. Our desire to ‘be someone’ as people here put it, has led to a huge expansion of the rat race. Corruption is at its peak here and we have recently been named the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. Ironically, while driving through the streets of Accra, one comes across a Church or two almost every Kilometer! Billboards of church advertisements, pastor(s) image campaigns, religious seminars or conventions are springing up everywhere and the leaders of these religious groups are wearing the best Armani suits, driving Range Rovers, wearing Rolex watches, and working towards the next humungous tower in the name of “the Lord”.  There is a lot more to be said about this, but I will pause it here, and as I continue to ‘feel out’ the situation I will keep blogging so that all dear ones out there will work with me to channel love and light to my dear country Ghana. We need it desperately.

The process of lifting the spiritual veil that covers one’s spiritual and all-encompassing vision includes realization, spiritual enlightenment, and ascension of the soul/spirit to resonate on a higher frequency, leaving behind the worldly illusion, and seeking the path of light where ONLY LOVE matters.

I myself am seeking the path of enlightenment and learning more and more as I go. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘remembering’ or getting in touch with a lost part of myself. Start by simply BEING. Living in the moment and spending some quiet time with yourself. Meditation is a great way to get started on your awakening. I will be back soon with more on my personal experiences as I embark on this exciting journey of self and universal love.

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