Wash and style. Easing my frizz.

The more I do this, the more I love it! This week I had been so busy I didn’t do any moisture treatments. It was an up do all week long..


This morning I had to do my usual bicarbonate wash. I followed up with a vinegar rinse and then I soaked my hair in M.Y. 100% natural hair oil. I put a really generous amount of oil in there because I had some breakage recently. I twisted and pinned it all together like this:

(Caution: early morning no polish photo. Lol)


Now I am air drying it and then I will style it.. or let it style itself. I will update you when it’s dry.

I never thought I would be able to get rid of my frizz and feel so great about it. It seems harsh chemicals in fad hair products do major damage to the hair which includes the hair rebellion popularly known as ‘frizz ‘! I have never looked back since giving my hair freedom to ‘breathe’ and to stay natural; feeding it only pure organic nourishment, and managing it the right way.

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