DIY: Coconut Milk

I have friends living here in the tropics who actually drive to the supermarket to buy imported, canned Coconut milk! (* side eye *). C’mon now! Fresh, preservative free Coconut milk is not so difficult to make if you live in the tropics or if you have access to some good coconuts. Now read, watch, and learn!

For a nice thick milk I like to use mature coconuts with lots of thick fruit inside. Grate the coconut fruit to make it easier to puree. Like this:



Next to the blender I have the juice from the Coconut a.k.a  “Coconut water”. Add some coconut water to the grated fruit:


And blend into a puree:


Next you will need to run it through a sieve to get a smooth milk.



I’m about to use this in soap making so I like it thick. For a thinner consistency, add more coconut water, and voila!


Your very own, fresh, homemade coconut milk. Try it out sometime!


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