Madame Yasmeen’s Coconut Mint Swirl

Coconut oil is just soo amazing! When used in soapmaking, it gives a beautiful bubbly lather and a gentle but thorough cleanse. Check out my latest handmade soap creation coming out of the pink factory – Madame Yasmeen’s Coconut Mint Swirl.


I used only Coconut oil as the oil component for making this soap and then added some peppermint essential oil to the mix. The Brown swirl is made with pure cocoa extract.

Need I say more? Diviiiine!  🙂
Some people don’t like peppermint oil or minty products at all. But I tell you if you are a mint lover, honey, you will loooove this one! Some people say Coconut oil soaps dry out their skin so I made sure to “superfat” these soaps that is, I added some extra oil to counteract the drying effect. This week I will be trying out other versions of M.Y Coconut Oil soap including exfoliating ones! I’m hyped! And heavenly scents abound in M.Y Beauty Cafe.

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One love 💚

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