M.Y. All new Ginger and Cinnamon soap

I have been feeling the need to diversify my soap collection by adding a sort of “spicy” soap. I’ve done neutral, fresh, floral, and fruity scents but nothing really spicy.

My hubby mentioned something about Ginger soap and that got me thinking and formulating. I made three different soap batches using ginger but this one beats them all. I LOOOVE IT! !!!


I made a Shea butter and coconut oil soap base and then added some fresh ginger juice and Cinnamon powder to create these warm, spicy bars of goodness. All you spice lovers are really going to enjoy this one and I can’t wait for them to cure so I can try them out myself.

If you are a soap maker and want to have a go at using ginger in soap, juice some ginger by cutting up the ginger and blending with a little water, and then running it through a sieve.


Add the juice at trace and be sure to discount the water content slightly to balance out the ginger juice. You can also try doing a hot process soap and then adding the ginger juice after the soap is cooked. I tried one like that with coconut milk and ginger juice and that came out really nice too.

Till next time!

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