Cupcake soaps: Bath and body novelty


These cupcake soaps may be sitting here looking all pretty but I assure you I had such a rough time making them today. First of all I bought the most annoying icing tool in the world, and secondly, I used a formula that went very hard very fast. Arrrgh!! I almost pulled my hair out. But thankfully I made it through. 🙂

I’ve been making cupcake soaps for a while now but with a different, softer formula than the one I used today. Today I just thought I would challenge myself with a different formula and a variety of color combinations. The icing tool though, was NOT meant to be part of the challenge.


If you are a soap maker attempting these for the first time let me offer a few words of advice. Stick to making smaller batches, using maybe 2 colors at a time until you’ve really got the hang of it. Use a formula that won’t go hard on you too fast, and be careful of fragrance oils that will accelerate trace and the hardening of your soap.

Despite the craziness I went through to get these done I’m quite happy with them and look forward to making another batch real soon. Cupcake soaps are a novelty bath and body item that give a more exciting look to your bathroom. They make great gifts, souvenirs, and giveaways for weddings and parties of all kinds.

They smell fabulous by the way! 🙂 🙂

Till next time..

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