Independence day – “kpa kpa kpa!” playlist

It’s independence day and I’m so tired…

Physically, mentally, emotionally,.. its been quite intense lately. We are facing great challenges as a nation and each and every one of us is affected. Corruption is the disease that is eating through our governing institutions,  and miseducation is keeping most of us in a self imposed jail. 

The latest thing is the ongoing “Dumsor” crisis. I mean, this problem has been in existence here ever since I can remember but recently, it’s the worse it has ever been. “Dumsor” means “on-off” in twi – a Ghanaian local language. This is referring to the regular power cuts we are experiencing as a result of inefficiencies in our energy system. Electricity is scarce these days. Cost of having it is so high. Cost of NOT having it is even higher. Businesses are folding up and saying goodbye because they can’t afford to continue running their businesses in such difficult conditions. It’s time for us to find sustainable solutions. Of course we’ve heard of solar power and other alternative energy solutions but where is the effort, hard work, discipline, and selflessness that needs to go into making these ideas work for Ghana?

Students study for their exams by candlelight

Electricity is not the only challenge. We have water problems, waste management issues, rising cost of living, and some really serious environmental issues. I always try to look on the bright side of life (no matter how hard it gets) and I must say I’m really proud of some Ghanaians for their “adaptation techniques” [kpa kpa kpa! << inside joke!]. I'm not just an artist, I'm also a business woman, sharing the pain of my fellow Ghanaians especially small-scale entrepreneurs. I've had to adapt, to re-strategize,  to manoeuvre,  and to "kpa kpa kpa" my way through the first quarter of this year and today, on our 58th independence day, I thank the electricity company of Ghana for keeping my lights on while I take the day off. Today I want to do absolutely nothing apart from having a nice day with my family and as I type this in my bed I wish all Ghanaians a reflective independence day, and I hope the lights stay on.

Here are a few "Dumsor" songs and clips on YouTube (yes it's that bad):

DUM – SOR by Creo concepts

“Mi ma mo Dumsor” – 1Fame feat. wanlov

Dumsor song by wOne

This one is a track I did with UK based producer – Richy Pitch:
“Mother dey suffer” – Richy Pitch feat. Yasmeen

And if you just want to listen to some of my tracks (but of course you do! Lol! )

Here’s my ReverbNation link:
Yasmeen songs on ReverbNation


Click here to visit my soundcloud

One love!

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