Dear mothers…

I’ve had my hands full lately. Not only with my blooming career in music, my growing businesses, my husband, or my 2 year old toddler. I also have my hands full with my 5 week old baby girl! Woohoo!!! 🙂 It’s important therefore, to seize moments like this, 5:19am, when all my “dependants” are asleep and all I can hear is the humming of my a/c, nearby generators, and birds chirping happily outside. No demands, no crying, screaming or wailing. No one trying to grab (or keep) my attention. Aaah! Pure heaven.

Motherhood is extremely demanding; mentally, physically, emotionally.. but also extremely fulfilling and rewarding on different levels. Many mothers get so engulfed in the grind of caring for their families, they forget about themselves and their needs. I look at mothers with four, five, six kids who are doing amazing things, and I just feel proud to be one of this wonderful gender.

I guess I’m writing this post in appreciation of mothers before me, mothers today, and mothers yet to come. Not all women who give birth, but true mothers who make amazing sacrifices to raise their kids in the best possible way. It’s becoming more and more challenging to raise kids to be themselves and to be free of the “veil” placed over our “eyes”. To embody love and not to be swayed by these illusions that exist in our world today. Mothers everywhere are going through their struggles and it hurts so bad to look at images of mothers and their babies who perished in the recent floods and fire in Accra. I look at those images and my heart breaks into so many pieces.

June 4, 2015 was indeed a dark day for Ghana as we awoke to the news of floods and a terrible fire at a fuel station in a busy part of our city – Kwame Nkrumah circle. The death toll is now almost 200 people. Not only mothers, but people from different walks of life, who were seeking shelter from the pouring rain. The images I am referring to are images published by the Ghanaian media and the one that went viral is an image of a mother and her baby dead on the ground in the aftermath of the terrible incident. That photo got us all. Reminded us how fragile we are, and how easily our dreams on earth could just end. Just like that. It could have been me. It could have been this beautiful baby sleeping here next to me. I am thankful! So thankful for my children. Suddenly it’s too quiet around here I think I’ve had enough silence. I want to hear some laughter and demands. I don’t mind hearing some crying and giving some attention right about now. Bring on the poo and the dozen dirty diapers! It’s 6:02am and I want my day started. I’m so thankful. I’m so in love.

No matter your struggles, remember to count your blessings.

One love ♡

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