My angel Waleed ♡

What an angel I have found in Waleed. He has always been a silent whisper in my life even after his passing. I remember 3 years ago, having a spiritual “chat” with him and telling him how I wanted a son like him. A day after this “chat” with Wele my mum called and told me she had dreamt I had a handsome baby boy with beautiful curly hair. I laughed it off but a week later I found out I was pregnant with Nolly! Then comes surprise number 2.

While pregnant with Elyse, the name “Elise” kept ringing in my head and appearing in my mind’s eye. I tried to search for baby girl names, looking for a name I absolutely loved more than “Elise” but I kept hearing and “feeling” this same name and no other name seemed right. My husband seemed to also be stuck on Elise. We ended up choosing a different spelling and named her Elyse. Just last week it occurred to me that Beethoven had composed a classical piece called “Fur Elise” (meaning “for Elise”) so I decided to find it online and listen. I burst into tears because I knew that song! I just never knew the title. EVERYTIME Waleed would sit at a piano, he would play this piece. He loved it so much and played it so well and I never got tired of hearing and watching him play it. Few months before his passing I sat next to him on the same piano stool while he played it. Little did we realize he was playing a song for his future niece. I love the meaning of the name “Elyse” (which means “connected to God”) but I have also named her after a beautiful piece of music that I once shared with an angel. ♡