Sell with paper bags! Says the Green Butterfly ♡


Since I visited the Nungua beach and saw all the devastation to the beaches and ocean caused by plastic waste, I’ve been thinking of ways to contribute to the elimination of plastics in our community.  I started with myself and my small business, switching to the use of paper bags versus plastic bags in our retail sales.

I’ve got a group of Eco friendly entrepreneurs to join me in making this commitment to paper bags; and now I am training young people to make retail bags not just with brown paper but also with old magazines. Through my social enterprise – “The Green Butterfly”  I intend to establish this paper bag project which will not only help with elimination of plastic use but will also create jobs for young people who desperately need the income.


If you live in Ghana and you own a business engaging in retail, we encourage you to make a change, and to order your paper bags from the Green Butterfly!

Contact us to place your order:
No. 45 Norley Road, North Dzorwulu
Tel: 233 247900791
Click here to visit us! 👉 The Green Butterfly on Facebook

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