Reggae Rising! Next stop – Akuma village


Tomorrow the Reggae Rising crew will join a large celebration at the Akuma village to mark the anniversary of the coronation of his majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first. It is a movement that brings to light a special and important piece of history. A movement that believes in Africa and emancipation from mental slavery. Reggae Rising is an element of the new revolution for truth and the revival of humanity’s collective soul.


It’s all about conscious music and I will be there alongside Knii Lante, Jahwi, Osagyefo, Fiifi Selah, Black Rasta, Ras Kuuku, Orthodox, Redfyah, Conscious Generation, and more.



Yesterday we were hosted in the studios of radio Gold 90.5fm by the beautiful Empress Lomo who also happens to be the MC for tomorrow’s show. Damage is only 10ghc and doors open at 6pm.

See you there!


Motherhood’s brief gaze into the distance..


In the midst of all the kiddy chaos this morning I just had to sit down for a minute! Motherhood is demanding, challenging, fulfilling, tiring.. I felt exhausted this morning even before the day started.. yes I’m human. Not superhuman like some of you think. Lol.
Every mother and entrepreneur has that moment… when all you want to do is lie down and sleep but then you remember that so much depends on you. In my case, so many wonderful people depend on my energy, productivity, my drive, my inspiration, my smile.


For this little moment, however, I zone out into a different space, while my son runs around playing, stopping only for moments at a time to drink the fruit juice I had put out for him. I’m thankful to my husband for holding the baby for these precious minutes when I get lost in the distance. Soon it will be time to send Nolly to school. I’ll have to be on time to meet and interview job applicants this morning at Madame Yasmeen’s. My hair is not yet done, just a little eyeliner to wake my eyes up and a dab of lip color to put me into a feelgood mood for the morning. Still tired.. but thankful for all my blessings and ready to forge ahead.

Special love to all dutiful, pure mothers and earth lovers out there. Thank God its Friday!! 💕


Reggae Rising! – After the first show..

We are all so hyped because the show was really great! We had a great crowd, and despite the fact that it rained earlier on in the evening, people still came out to enjoy the concert.

The Big Hills Band started the show really well with a nice mix of cover tunes. Jahwi hopped on and got the crowd going with his impressive new set of conscious songs including “the call”. Osagyefo followed and got the crowd hyped with his motivating and socially inclined lyrics. He performed his song entitled “Oko Vanderpuye” which got a good chuckle out of the crowd. Moving on swiftly and smoothly with King Lagazee as the MC, Black I delivered his groovy set ending with “Asante Mama” and then it was time for the only female performer of the night. Guess who? Lol



It was such a great feeling having a large number of people in the crowd singing “paddy” with me!

Fiifi Selah was next and delivered nicely with his “taxi driver” and other tracks. Knii Lante was the last performer. Killing it completely with his exciting performance featuring songs from his new album “True Feelings”.

Left to right: Black I, Jahwi, Yasmeen, Empress Lomo


It’s only the beginning. The Reggae Rising tour looks very promising. Not only are we spreading joy and love, we are sharing truth and wisdom in the spirit of togetherness. Watch out for our next show.. still in Accra!

One love ❤

Reggae Rising! At the Republic bar and grill


Jahwi called me up a few weeks ago and asked if I would be interested in joining him, Knii Lante and a few other artists in a Reggae concert at the Republic. I didn’t need to think too long before I agreed. I’ve been to the Republic bar and grill in Osu and have seen the sort of clientele, food, beverages, and ambience it has. Absolutely groovy! It’s an interesting set up because the party sort of “spills out” onto the street. The stage and half the seating is set up outside on the street, and is fast becoming the place to hang out for live music on Wednesdays.

Ebo Taylor has been there; recently Wanlov and Mensah a.k.a the FOKN Bois were there, Sena was there, Funsho and the Ayetoro band were there couple of weeks ago, and tomorrow it’s going to be a nice line up featuring Knii Lante, Osagyefo, Jahwi, Fiifi Selah, Black I, Ras Kuuku and yours truly, Yasmeen.

The band we are playing with is called the Big hills band, a really talented set. I’ve enjoyed rehearsing with them so far and enjoyed watching how they transition from one artist to the other. We have all had the challenge of time management during our short opportunity to rehearse together before the show but now that we’ve got our act together it’s only going to get better since we may be taking this gig on the road.

We’ve dubbed it the “Reggae Rising tour” and I’m looking forward to coming to a stage near you. Follow our hash tag on social media #ReggaeRising let’s share love and great music. See you tomorrow night at the Republic bar and grill in Osu, Accra. Showtime: 8PM.  😉

Some pics from rehearsal:





Here’s a pic of my annoyed face. Late and caught in traffic on my way to rehearsal yesterday.



See you tomorrow!!
One love

Breastfeed your children please…

Breast is best. Breastfeeding is natural. Why women are made to feel self conscious these days about such a natural act really beats my mind. Sometimes trends become truly dangerous to humankind and our continued natural existence and evolution. Why do you want to give your child goat, or cow milk? Do the goats and cows come asking for your milk? They feed their offspring just like nature intended for humans to feed their babies HUMAN milk. Mothers milk is baby’s number one defense against sickness and malnutrition. Everything your baby needs in his/her first few months is in mummy’s milk!


When a baby is born and is immediately put on the breast, he or she will suckle. It may take a few days for the milk to start flowing but before then, baby will get a yellowish fluid called colostrum also referred to as “liquid gold”. Colostrum is equivalent and even better than your baby’s first vaccination. It is packed with antibodies and is nature’s way of arming your newborn with strong “disease fighters”. These days, many mothers give up breastfeeding within this sensitive period. Thinking they are not making milk or making enough, they quickly resort to formula to feed the baby. This is the first critical mistake made especially by first time mums. TRUST your body! Trust God and trust nature. You were made to do this! It may not be easy as first, and is not always convenient throughout the critical first six months, but it does get easier and more comfortable. Once a woman establishes her milk supply and is regularly feeding her child, a beautiful bonding process begins. Woman and child are both fulfilled, sickness is kept at bay, and less money is spent on formula. Woohoo! 🙂

There is a web of issues woven around breastfeeding in a social setting. More and more women are being made to feel self conscious because they breastfeed their babies in public. Excuse me! I’m not waving my boobs in your face am I? I probably even have a breastfeeding cover on yet people give you the, “are you really breastfeeding out here?” look.

Don’t mind them oooo! (<<– Ghanaian expression) Feed your babies for goodness sake and feed them everywhere! In the car, in the mall, wherever. Always carry a little throw or cover if you are well endowed and don't feel like being the circus coming to town. Lol. But

whatever you do, enjoy this experience. It is God given and beautiful. If there is no medical, work, or mental condition preventing a woman from breastfeeding, then she should definitely do the right thing by her baby and give the best gift a mother can.

Peace and love! Till next time…

My Child has a cold! Natural home remedies every mum needs to know.

I get seriously stressed out when my child has a cold, especially my Nolly who sometimes develops serious allergies and keeps me up all night in a frenzy trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. The younger the child, the more stressful it is in my opinion. Little babies and even some toddlers can’t blow their nose yet so it can be really frustrating.

If you are dealing with a common cold there are a few natural home remedies that can help your little one fight the phlegm.

Breast milk!
The number one defense against colds and sickness in babies. If your child is still breastfeeding this is one of the best ways to rid him or her of a cold. Breastfeed as often as possible during this time.

Vitamin C
Fortify your child’s water with powdered vitamin c or dissolve a tablet in your little one’s water bottle.

Make sure they drink a lot of water and natural fruit juices. Staying hydrated is very important.

Honey and lemon
In some warm water, or in the water bottle, lemon juice will help your child fight a cold. This is recommended for children older than 18 months. Add a  dash of honey to soothe a sore throat and cough.

If your child is old enough to eat regular food, cook with lots of garlic and make salads and dips with it. Add a few chopped onions in their food for even more antibiotic action.

Onions around your child’s bed at night will help eliminate toxins in the air and around your little one. Just a peeled whole onion on a plate by your child’s bedside will help. Placing sliced onions in their socks also helps remove toxins and bring down fevers.

Coconut Oil
Mix some vaporub with Coconut oil and rub over the child’s chest and back. For babies under one year old use a few drops of Eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil. Re apply every few hours.

Ginger tincture
I do this occasionally for my son. Wash some ginger root, put it in a cup and pour hot water into the cup. Let it steep for at least half an hour before you start using it. Add a tablespoon of this tincture to warm tea, water, or juice to get rid of chest and nasal congestion.