Plan and enjoy a beach day with the kids


We love the beach!! But going to the beach with kids is much more complicated than it was when I was single. If planned properly however, your beach day will be such a relaxing and fun – filled event, at the end of which everyone will be tired and ready to pass out! 🙂

Dress appropriately.
Don’t over do it with accessories and jewellery and clothes that don’t work. Dress comfortable and simple and do the same for the kids. If it’s a really hot day, light clothing and light slippers or sandals will do. Always take about 2 extra set of clothes per child, extra towels and wipes. Please don’t pack a whole suitcase! Depending on how many children you have, one or two medium size towels will do. If you are visiting an open beach make sure to take a beach umbrella, a mat or blanket to sit or lie on, and hats especially for the kids. You’ll also need lots of water to keep yourself and everyone hydrated.

My five month old usually rides in her car seat all the way to the beach.



It’s a real hassle carrying heavy bags when you have children to deal with so keep it simple. Try to use one big bag and if you have a car, leave certain items in it for when you’re about to leave, for example the children’s going home clothes, one or two extra towels, water to wash feet before getting in the car, going home entertainment (toys and books) and maybe some extra snacks in case someone gets hungry on the way home.


* Beach umbrella
* mats / blankets
* hats
* towels (including a couple of small size face towels)
* food and snacks (unless you will be eating out. Still a good idea to have some of your own)
* change of clothes
*wipes (and diapers if you have a baby)
* sunscreen
*soap (just a small travel size bar should be fine)
* water for drinking, and extra water in the car (or your bag) for cleaning yourselves up after.

Beach sand can really have you cleaning your car for days so it always helps to clean up before getting into the car and heading home.

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