Reggae Rising! – After the first show..

We are all so hyped because the show was really great! We had a great crowd, and despite the fact that it rained earlier on in the evening, people still came out to enjoy the concert.

The Big Hills Band started the show really well with a nice mix of cover tunes. Jahwi hopped on and got the crowd going with his impressive new set of conscious songs including “the call”. Osagyefo followed and got the crowd hyped with his motivating and socially inclined lyrics. He performed his song entitled “Oko Vanderpuye” which got a good chuckle out of the crowd. Moving on swiftly and smoothly with King Lagazee as the MC, Black I delivered his groovy set ending with “Asante Mama” and then it was time for the only female performer of the night. Guess who? Lol



It was such a great feeling having a large number of people in the crowd singing “paddy” with me!

Fiifi Selah was next and delivered nicely with his “taxi driver” and other tracks. Knii Lante was the last performer. Killing it completely with his exciting performance featuring songs from his new album “True Feelings”.

Left to right: Black I, Jahwi, Yasmeen, Empress Lomo


It’s only the beginning. The Reggae Rising tour looks very promising. Not only are we spreading joy and love, we are sharing truth and wisdom in the spirit of togetherness. Watch out for our next show.. still in Accra!

One love ❤

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