Reggae Rising hits TV!!

Oh yeah! It was grrrrrrreat! :):)
TV3’s “Music Music” was set ablaze last night as each Reggae Rising artist delivered incredible performances. We were live! And it felt great to have such a massive platform to share our music and good vibes. TV3 in Ghana is nationwide, and probably the most watched local channel. “Music Music” is one of the oldest and most successful programmes on TV3, featuring live performances every Saturday from 8 to 10pm.

Ras Boomba started the show right with a good medley of tunes followed by Osagyefo who got the crowd even more hyped. By the time I got on stage to was pure fire. Beginning with an acoustic cover of “Jah bless Africa” by Nasio Fontaine, I followed up with “Medication” and then “Paddy”.





I was followed by Knii Lante who performed beautiful melodic tracks like “rocky road” and “Gimme the roots”



Then it was time for Jahwi to “Erupt”! Sending the studio up in flames once again. Jahwi also performed  his new single “the call”. Fiifi Selah closed the show in grand style with yet another electrifying performance starting with “money cant buy me love” and ending with “Taxi driver”.

Jahwi in action.
Backstage with Osagyefo, Fiifi Selah, Root eye, and Jahwi

To be continued….

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