New year, new hair!

Hello all ye fabulous ones!! Happy new year!!! I entered the new year with a big chop! Giving myself a fresh new look and some much needed “pruning”


It all started at the beautiful beach resort my family and I visited over the holidays. We got there in the late afternoon. Of course I had my husband and the kids to move in and settle down (some of you know how that gets!).


After sleeping the first night, I was rewarded with that amazing feeling I get when I wake up by the sea. Hearing the waves roll and crash, hearing the call of the birds in the morning.. I had to do it.

I grabbed the scissors and gave myself a cut. Aaaand this is the wet look:


It’s a new year and I am starting it with a very light head :mrgreen:

Of course I use only Madame Yasmeen’s hair oil and hair butter for moisturising, conditioning, and styling.

Visit my page on Facebook >> Madame Yasmeen on Facebook to see my world of organic luxury.

I wish you a happy and blessed new year full of good health, love and happiness! Stay natural! Stay real!

One love.


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