Phone Break!

I left my smart phone at home and took my smart self to the funeral. No what’s app, no facebook, no instagram, none of that. I made myself PRESENT. I allowed myself to be immersed in the pain, and I committed my time and energy. Not phone battery energy, my real energy. Seeing so many people rush towards the casket with their phones, tablets and selfie sticks really got me thinking about how things have changed in my lifetime.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the funeral moderators, announcing the family’s request for no pictures or videos, there will be no photos of the corpse circulating on social media. Oh yes we do this in Africa. We go to funerals, take photos of “popular corpses”, then circulate them on social media to boost our website traffic, facebook and instagram likes, and twitter following. Of course, the extreme morbid curiosity we display in this part of the world ensures that it all works together perfectly. We are truly becoming disconnected from the HEART of humanity and moving into a very dangerous place. We need to check ourselves. Especially in the face of tragedy and a grieving family.

If there is any positive feedback I can give you about what happened today, it would be the wake up call. Once in a while we get that shocking wake up call that reminds us that tomorrow is not promised. Our lives hang in the balance of the universe on a thread that is thinner than that of a spider’s web. It is
so thin, it is invisible to the naked eye. At any moment that thread can snap. Then what? We have been reminded that material worth means nothing if you don’t have love. We have been reminded how FAITH plays a vital role in our lives here on earth as well as in times of transition. We have been reminded to count every blessing and to savour all the beautiful moments. Unless of course you were checking your phone or taking a selfie and you missed the moments that mattered. I didn’t leave my phone at home deliberately. When I got into the car to leave I realized I had left it but I said to myself “Oh what the heck, forget the phone.”  And I’m glad I did.

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