I am so grateful to everyone who came out to support me last Friday at the “Music Messenger” album release party. It had been raining but that didn’t stop us from having the time of our lives!

As I was born in the 80s, I decided to use a Vinyl and Cassette theme for the party.





The Vinyl backdrop we created gave a wow factor to our photo shoot and I can’t wait for all the lovely photos which I will be posting here as soon as I recieve them.

Performances were great! And I was so happy to present a new act to my audience and they loved him. His name is Ayisi Ican – a talented young man who reminds me of Wyclef when he does his vocal delivery.

Ayisi Ican (next to me on your left and my right) and his squad

We had a raffle draw and gave out some amazing prizes. Not to mention all the dancing in the rain. It was such an awesome experience. A happy night full of love.

Buy “Music Messenger” by Yasmeen on iTunes,  Amazon and online music stores worldwide.


Stay tuned for more photos!

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