I was born with a Golden voice. Also born into Ghana’s first family of music – the Helwani family, of which my father Faisal was the biggest star. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by art, music, showbiz, and famous people. I grew, times changed, I moved to Canada to get a business degree, then back to Ghana to support my sick father.  In 2005 our family was rocked by tragedy when we lost our star guitarist and youngest son of the family – Waleed. We sank into a deep depression during which our father Faisal also passed in 2008. These were the hardest times of my life but as they say, in every misfortune there lies a blessing. Today I am a strong independent woman and artist who very proud of where she comes from. I used to take life very much for granted and lived a wasteful life. Today I cherish each moment of every day and I understand how beautiful and precious life really is 🙂

I began to lose the ‘rich spoiled brat attitude’, I began to explore the REAL world, and I truly began to LOVE. My Zodiac sign is Taurus and I was born on Earth day. I am very passionate about the Arts and performance. I also do a lot of hand-crafting, creating and design as I go along. Many times,  I see the beauty where no-one sees it and I am very proud of this gift.

Last year I returned to the music scene with the release of my single PADDY which is going down very well with DJs and fans in Ghana. My album ‘Music Messenger’ will be released this year. I have also discovered the Organic Lifestyle which I am very eager to share on my blog. It’s a lifestyle blog. I’ll be bringing you interesting moments from my life as well as tips on health, beauty, gardening, home care and more.

If you look to your right you’ll see a link to my Facebook page please come in and say hi!

One Love!

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Music, Motherhood, and Lifestyle.

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