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From chemical weapons and drugs to seeds and pesticides. Bayer is taking over!

Wake up green friends!  It’s the largest all-cash takeover recorded in history. It’s also the most DANGEROUS combination to ever happen in the world agriculture industry. Monsanto has agreed to be bought by Bayer AG for $66 billion. “A successful merger would create the world’s largest agrichemical firm, which will control more than one-fourth of the combined global market for seeds and pesticides.” (Eco watch reports). 

In Ghana,  we are still making noise about Monsanto. This takeover hasn’t even been whispered close to our ears and I am sure there are many “good” reasons. First of all,  we have been able to resist a complete Monsanto takeover. Aside from its already poor image, the “cropenstein” corporation is facing lawsuits and strong opposition by organic organizations,  food sovereignty organizations, eco friendly lobbyists and the like. Sources have recorded that Monsanto officials admitted that this poor image and list of problems played a part in them agreeing to be taken over. If this merger is completed, obviously the name will change and it will become a “new” company with new opportunities for world seed domination! Ghana has done well to limit Monsanto’s power in Ghana (although I just heard they are operating under the name ROUNDUP and selling to large numbers of Ghanaian farmers). So now what? Are we going to dress the donkey and parade it as a new horse?  Apparently the Bayer -Monsanto deal is not completely closed yet as they will need the approval of about 50 regulatory bodies. It is however reported that there is a 70% probability that the merger will be completed. 

Before I go let me give you a quick background on Bayer – Europe’s largest chemical company known to have been the first to manufacture chemical weapons. These chemicals were used to fuel wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo where millions were wiped out. There was also the Vietnam War.  Dr. Vandana Shiva wrote – “MoBay supplied ingredients for Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Around 20 million gallons of MoBay defoliants and herbicides were sprayed over South Vietnam. Children are still being born with birth defects, adults have chronic illnesses and cancers, due to their exposure to MoBay’s chemicals,” she wrote. “Monsanto and Bayer’s cross-licensed Agent Orange resistance has also been cross-developed for decades. Wars were fought, lives lost, nations carved into holy lands β€” with artificial boundaries that suit colonization and resource grabβ€”while Bayer and Monsanto sold chemicals as bombs and poisons and their brothers provided the loans to buy those bombs.” 

It is beyond obvious that the Bayer – Monsanto merger will create the greatest chemical monster our world has ever seen. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and future generations.I am encouraging all my friends and followers to start saving organic seeds and start a garden at home! Eat well and live strong my friends!  Much love to all Ghanaian farmers who are holding on to their organic seed traditions. May you be blessed. Let us be well informed and rise up for our agricultural freedom. Say NO to GMOs!!