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Music for Kids!


Being exposed to music so early in my life must have had a huge impact on my brain and level of creativity. I have always lived with this huge “bundle of talents” and although I’m sometimes a little quirky, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having my children and being lucky enough to sometimes see through their eyes, I have come to understand the importance of early childhood development and the importance of music in this development. It is unfortunate that our system doesn’t take music more seriously or make it a more important part of our school curriculum. It not only develops creativity, discipline and spatial intelligence; early music development is also linked to better social development and is an amazing avenue for self expression. Music can help one through trauma and tragedy (I can testify to this). It inspires, uplifts, and heals the soul.

I have been inspired over and over again into going ahead with this journey into the world of teaching kids music. Just like my brother Waleed and I dreamt about all those years ago. 
Summer vacation is about to start and I am excited!

Music workshops for children starts Wednesday 13th July at Kiddygram Montessori in North Dzorwulu for ages ONE YEAR AND UP. Children under 3 must be accompanied. During the summer vacation, workshops will be available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm and we will be covering areas such as Rhythm and percussion, Learning sounds, voice, and melody.

If you live in Accra and would like more information about my music workshops please email or call 0247900791.

One love!!!


Motherhood’s brief gaze into the distance..


In the midst of all the kiddy chaos this morning I just had to sit down for a minute! Motherhood is demanding, challenging, fulfilling, tiring.. I felt exhausted this morning even before the day started.. yes I’m human. Not superhuman like some of you think. Lol.
Every mother and entrepreneur has that moment… when all you want to do is lie down and sleep but then you remember that so much depends on you. In my case, so many wonderful people depend on my energy, productivity, my drive, my inspiration, my smile.


For this little moment, however, I zone out into a different space, while my son runs around playing, stopping only for moments at a time to drink the fruit juice I had put out for him. I’m thankful to my husband for holding the baby for these precious minutes when I get lost in the distance. Soon it will be time to send Nolly to school. I’ll have to be on time to meet and interview job applicants this morning at Madame Yasmeen’s. My hair is not yet done, just a little eyeliner to wake my eyes up and a dab of lip color to put me into a feelgood mood for the morning. Still tired.. but thankful for all my blessings and ready to forge ahead.

Special love to all dutiful, pure mothers and earth lovers out there. Thank God its Friday!! 💕


Breastfeed your children please…

Breast is best. Breastfeeding is natural. Why women are made to feel self conscious these days about such a natural act really beats my mind. Sometimes trends become truly dangerous to humankind and our continued natural existence and evolution. Why do you want to give your child goat, or cow milk? Do the goats and cows come asking for your milk? They feed their offspring just like nature intended for humans to feed their babies HUMAN milk. Mothers milk is baby’s number one defense against sickness and malnutrition. Everything your baby needs in his/her first few months is in mummy’s milk!


When a baby is born and is immediately put on the breast, he or she will suckle. It may take a few days for the milk to start flowing but before then, baby will get a yellowish fluid called colostrum also referred to as “liquid gold”. Colostrum is equivalent and even better than your baby’s first vaccination. It is packed with antibodies and is nature’s way of arming your newborn with strong “disease fighters”. These days, many mothers give up breastfeeding within this sensitive period. Thinking they are not making milk or making enough, they quickly resort to formula to feed the baby. This is the first critical mistake made especially by first time mums. TRUST your body! Trust God and trust nature. You were made to do this! It may not be easy as first, and is not always convenient throughout the critical first six months, but it does get easier and more comfortable. Once a woman establishes her milk supply and is regularly feeding her child, a beautiful bonding process begins. Woman and child are both fulfilled, sickness is kept at bay, and less money is spent on formula. Woohoo! 🙂

There is a web of issues woven around breastfeeding in a social setting. More and more women are being made to feel self conscious because they breastfeed their babies in public. Excuse me! I’m not waving my boobs in your face am I? I probably even have a breastfeeding cover on yet people give you the, “are you really breastfeeding out here?” look.

Don’t mind them oooo! (<<– Ghanaian expression) Feed your babies for goodness sake and feed them everywhere! In the car, in the mall, wherever. Always carry a little throw or cover if you are well endowed and don't feel like being the circus coming to town. Lol. But

whatever you do, enjoy this experience. It is God given and beautiful. If there is no medical, work, or mental condition preventing a woman from breastfeeding, then she should definitely do the right thing by her baby and give the best gift a mother can.

Peace and love! Till next time…

My Child has a cold! Natural home remedies every mum needs to know.

I get seriously stressed out when my child has a cold, especially my Nolly who sometimes develops serious allergies and keeps me up all night in a frenzy trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. The younger the child, the more stressful it is in my opinion. Little babies and even some toddlers can’t blow their nose yet so it can be really frustrating.

If you are dealing with a common cold there are a few natural home remedies that can help your little one fight the phlegm.

Breast milk!
The number one defense against colds and sickness in babies. If your child is still breastfeeding this is one of the best ways to rid him or her of a cold. Breastfeed as often as possible during this time.

Vitamin C
Fortify your child’s water with powdered vitamin c or dissolve a tablet in your little one’s water bottle.

Make sure they drink a lot of water and natural fruit juices. Staying hydrated is very important.

Honey and lemon
In some warm water, or in the water bottle, lemon juice will help your child fight a cold. This is recommended for children older than 18 months. Add a  dash of honey to soothe a sore throat and cough.

If your child is old enough to eat regular food, cook with lots of garlic and make salads and dips with it. Add a few chopped onions in their food for even more antibiotic action.

Onions around your child’s bed at night will help eliminate toxins in the air and around your little one. Just a peeled whole onion on a plate by your child’s bedside will help. Placing sliced onions in their socks also helps remove toxins and bring down fevers.

Coconut Oil
Mix some vaporub with Coconut oil and rub over the child’s chest and back. For babies under one year old use a few drops of Eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil. Re apply every few hours.

Ginger tincture
I do this occasionally for my son. Wash some ginger root, put it in a cup and pour hot water into the cup. Let it steep for at least half an hour before you start using it. Add a tablespoon of this tincture to warm tea, water, or juice to get rid of chest and nasal congestion.

Plan and enjoy a beach day with the kids


We love the beach!! But going to the beach with kids is much more complicated than it was when I was single. If planned properly however, your beach day will be such a relaxing and fun – filled event, at the end of which everyone will be tired and ready to pass out! 🙂

Dress appropriately.
Don’t over do it with accessories and jewellery and clothes that don’t work. Dress comfortable and simple and do the same for the kids. If it’s a really hot day, light clothing and light slippers or sandals will do. Always take about 2 extra set of clothes per child, extra towels and wipes. Please don’t pack a whole suitcase! Depending on how many children you have, one or two medium size towels will do. If you are visiting an open beach make sure to take a beach umbrella, a mat or blanket to sit or lie on, and hats especially for the kids. You’ll also need lots of water to keep yourself and everyone hydrated.

My five month old usually rides in her car seat all the way to the beach.



It’s a real hassle carrying heavy bags when you have children to deal with so keep it simple. Try to use one big bag and if you have a car, leave certain items in it for when you’re about to leave, for example the children’s going home clothes, one or two extra towels, water to wash feet before getting in the car, going home entertainment (toys and books) and maybe some extra snacks in case someone gets hungry on the way home.


* Beach umbrella
* mats / blankets
* hats
* towels (including a couple of small size face towels)
* food and snacks (unless you will be eating out. Still a good idea to have some of your own)
* change of clothes
*wipes (and diapers if you have a baby)
* sunscreen
*soap (just a small travel size bar should be fine)
* water for drinking, and extra water in the car (or your bag) for cleaning yourselves up after.

Beach sand can really have you cleaning your car for days so it always helps to clean up before getting into the car and heading home.

DIY Oatmeal textured paint for kids


This morning I’m keeping the kids busy with this do-it-yourself homemade paint. My 7 year old niece and 6 year old nephew are here with us and they enjoy painting and playing with color just as much as my toddler. Heck even I enjoy this one. ☺

Use water and ground oatmeal to form a paste and then add either melted crayons, water color or food coloring to make the paint. Cut up a cardboard box and cover your table or surface with old newspaper or magazine pages to catch any spills. Start painting!


This activity kept them busy for a good 2 hours.


                           ❤ ❤ ❤

Dear mothers…

I’ve had my hands full lately. Not only with my blooming career in music, my growing businesses, my husband, or my 2 year old toddler. I also have my hands full with my 5 week old baby girl! Woohoo!!! 🙂 It’s important therefore, to seize moments like this, 5:19am, when all my “dependants” are asleep and all I can hear is the humming of my a/c, nearby generators, and birds chirping happily outside. No demands, no crying, screaming or wailing. No one trying to grab (or keep) my attention. Aaah! Pure heaven.

Motherhood is extremely demanding; mentally, physically, emotionally.. but also extremely fulfilling and rewarding on different levels. Many mothers get so engulfed in the grind of caring for their families, they forget about themselves and their needs. I look at mothers with four, five, six kids who are doing amazing things, and I just feel proud to be one of this wonderful gender.

I guess I’m writing this post in appreciation of mothers before me, mothers today, and mothers yet to come. Not all women who give birth, but true mothers who make amazing sacrifices to raise their kids in the best possible way. It’s becoming more and more challenging to raise kids to be themselves and to be free of the “veil” placed over our “eyes”. To embody love and not to be swayed by these illusions that exist in our world today. Mothers everywhere are going through their struggles and it hurts so bad to look at images of mothers and their babies who perished in the recent floods and fire in Accra. I look at those images and my heart breaks into so many pieces.

June 4, 2015 was indeed a dark day for Ghana as we awoke to the news of floods and a terrible fire at a fuel station in a busy part of our city – Kwame Nkrumah circle. The death toll is now almost 200 people. Not only mothers, but people from different walks of life, who were seeking shelter from the pouring rain. The images I am referring to are images published by the Ghanaian media and the one that went viral is an image of a mother and her baby dead on the ground in the aftermath of the terrible incident. That photo got us all. Reminded us how fragile we are, and how easily our dreams on earth could just end. Just like that. It could have been me. It could have been this beautiful baby sleeping here next to me. I am thankful! So thankful for my children. Suddenly it’s too quiet around here I think I’ve had enough silence. I want to hear some laughter and demands. I don’t mind hearing some crying and giving some attention right about now. Bring on the poo and the dozen dirty diapers! It’s 6:02am and I want my day started. I’m so thankful. I’m so in love.

No matter your struggles, remember to count your blessings.

One love ♡