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From chemical weapons and drugs to seeds and pesticides. Bayer is taking over!

Wake up green friends!  It’s the largest all-cash takeover recorded in history. It’s also the most DANGEROUS combination to ever happen in the world agriculture industry. Monsanto has agreed to be bought by Bayer AG for $66 billion. “A successful merger would create the world’s largest agrichemical firm, which will control more than one-fourth of the combined global market for seeds and pesticides.” (Eco watch reports). 

In Ghana,  we are still making noise about Monsanto. This takeover hasn’t even been whispered close to our ears and I am sure there are many “good” reasons. First of all,  we have been able to resist a complete Monsanto takeover. Aside from its already poor image, the “cropenstein” corporation is facing lawsuits and strong opposition by organic organizations,  food sovereignty organizations, eco friendly lobbyists and the like. Sources have recorded that Monsanto officials admitted that this poor image and list of problems played a part in them agreeing to be taken over. If this merger is completed, obviously the name will change and it will become a “new” company with new opportunities for world seed domination! Ghana has done well to limit Monsanto’s power in Ghana (although I just heard they are operating under the name ROUNDUP and selling to large numbers of Ghanaian farmers). So now what? Are we going to dress the donkey and parade it as a new horse?  Apparently the Bayer -Monsanto deal is not completely closed yet as they will need the approval of about 50 regulatory bodies. It is however reported that there is a 70% probability that the merger will be completed. 

Before I go let me give you a quick background on Bayer – Europe’s largest chemical company known to have been the first to manufacture chemical weapons. These chemicals were used to fuel wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo where millions were wiped out. There was also the Vietnam War.  Dr. Vandana Shiva wrote – “MoBay supplied ingredients for Agent Orange in the Vietnam War. Around 20 million gallons of MoBay defoliants and herbicides were sprayed over South Vietnam. Children are still being born with birth defects, adults have chronic illnesses and cancers, due to their exposure to MoBay’s chemicals,” she wrote. “Monsanto and Bayer’s cross-licensed Agent Orange resistance has also been cross-developed for decades. Wars were fought, lives lost, nations carved into holy lands — with artificial boundaries that suit colonization and resource grab—while Bayer and Monsanto sold chemicals as bombs and poisons and their brothers provided the loans to buy those bombs.” 

It is beyond obvious that the Bayer – Monsanto merger will create the greatest chemical monster our world has ever seen. It’s time to stand up for ourselves and future generations.I am encouraging all my friends and followers to start saving organic seeds and start a garden at home! Eat well and live strong my friends!  Much love to all Ghanaian farmers who are holding on to their organic seed traditions. May you be blessed. Let us be well informed and rise up for our agricultural freedom. Say NO to GMOs!! 

Breastfeed your children please…

Breast is best. Breastfeeding is natural. Why women are made to feel self conscious these days about such a natural act really beats my mind. Sometimes trends become truly dangerous to humankind and our continued natural existence and evolution. Why do you want to give your child goat, or cow milk? Do the goats and cows come asking for your milk? They feed their offspring just like nature intended for humans to feed their babies HUMAN milk. Mothers milk is baby’s number one defense against sickness and malnutrition. Everything your baby needs in his/her first few months is in mummy’s milk!


When a baby is born and is immediately put on the breast, he or she will suckle. It may take a few days for the milk to start flowing but before then, baby will get a yellowish fluid called colostrum also referred to as “liquid gold”. Colostrum is equivalent and even better than your baby’s first vaccination. It is packed with antibodies and is nature’s way of arming your newborn with strong “disease fighters”. These days, many mothers give up breastfeeding within this sensitive period. Thinking they are not making milk or making enough, they quickly resort to formula to feed the baby. This is the first critical mistake made especially by first time mums. TRUST your body! Trust God and trust nature. You were made to do this! It may not be easy as first, and is not always convenient throughout the critical first six months, but it does get easier and more comfortable. Once a woman establishes her milk supply and is regularly feeding her child, a beautiful bonding process begins. Woman and child are both fulfilled, sickness is kept at bay, and less money is spent on formula. Woohoo! 🙂

There is a web of issues woven around breastfeeding in a social setting. More and more women are being made to feel self conscious because they breastfeed their babies in public. Excuse me! I’m not waving my boobs in your face am I? I probably even have a breastfeeding cover on yet people give you the, “are you really breastfeeding out here?” look.

Don’t mind them oooo! (<<– Ghanaian expression) Feed your babies for goodness sake and feed them everywhere! In the car, in the mall, wherever. Always carry a little throw or cover if you are well endowed and don't feel like being the circus coming to town. Lol. But

whatever you do, enjoy this experience. It is God given and beautiful. If there is no medical, work, or mental condition preventing a woman from breastfeeding, then she should definitely do the right thing by her baby and give the best gift a mother can.

Peace and love! Till next time…


Fairy Tales Bagan Myanmar Ruins


“Fairy Tales” – Bagan, Myanmar – Amnon Eichlberg – Featured Photographer

This landscape looks like a Hollywood set for the next “Indiana Jones” movie.  Everything just looks so interesting.  I have been to several ruins around the world, but nothing that looks like this.   After reading a little about this mystical place please check out Amnon’s extensive portfolio at  Prepare to be amazed!

Here is Amnon:

The ruins of Bagan cover an area of 16 square miles (41 km2).  The majority of its buildings were built in the 11th century to 13th century, during the time Bagan was the capital of the First Burmese Empire.   After an earthquake in 1975, there are only 2,217 pagodas left in Bagan, in contrast to more than 5,000 before the disaster.

All of the area was designated like fairy tales country.  This feeling intensifies especially in the early morning and towards sunset when the area is wrapped in mist, fog…

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Desert Rose

The Desert Rose grows typically in arid areas of Africa like Uganda, Tanzania and Madagascar. It also does well here in Ghana and other humid areas as well as in the middle East. Although it responds well to  frequent watering, it really doesn’t require too much watering and can withstand harsh and dry conditions. With frequent watering, you will need to have good drainage as this flower does not do well in standing water. Similar to tropical Orchids, root rot may occur if  the flower gets too much water that doesn’t drain off.

I have about three of these growing in my garden and I really love them. It’s been about a year since I planted the one seen in this photo:

Desert Rose

Over here in Ghana the Desert rose flowers all year round. The flowers stay up to a couple of weeks before falling off  and making way for new buds.

Beach Weekend

It’s been ages since I really took a chill pill.. really unwind and relax. It’s been almost 2 years and counting! I’ve been completely obsessed with my small business and my music career, there has been very little time for relaxation. One of my resolutions this year is to relax more and enjoy what I have NOW.

Here are a few pictures from my beach weekend in Prampram (Ghana). Last weekend, we attended  a friend’s birthday party at his private beach house on a very secluded beach. Music, food, great people, my dear husband and wonderful friends to share it with.


Orchids make me smile :)

Gardening gives me joy. Seeing those plants, flowers, trees, and crops grow is a very fulfilling thing for me. Recently I moved out into the countryside and my new garden is slowly taking shape. My favorite flowers are Orchids; I find them to be extremely special, very classy,  high maintenance, and sometimes require ages of patience before you get to see a single flower. In this part of the world, tropical Dendrobium orchids do amazingly well (go figure 🙂 so I started slipping into my Orchid addiction a couple of years ago. It was actually an infection passed on from my mum, she is crazy about them!

I started growing Orchids just around the time my dog Goldie had her 7 puppies. Cute, but not so cute for the flowers! These puppies had some special attraction to Orchids. They would rip them right out of the pots, play with them, chew on them.. and they carried out this special activity only late at night when I was asleep or in the wee hours of the morning. I have cried over many a lost Orchid. Some of the pups moved on to new homes and finally after raising many pots (above puppy level) and trying to impose some discipline around here I’ve decided to give it my best shot once again.

Here is a picture of one of my very first bloomers:

I hope some Orchid specialists will see this and help me name my orchids by type and species (which is my next project if I ever find the time).

This one here came in early November:

Dendrobium Orchid

This next one is my latest bloomer, she started blooming the week of Christmas 2011 and she’s still here.. although looking a little frail now.

Christmas 2011

Orchids make me smile 🙂