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Until the end of time…

Heart of love to family and friends of Jehad Ashkar ❤ you just ran across my mind so I wrote this poem for you. Stay strong. ❤ ❤ ❤

Just over the rainbow
Somewhere around the corner
I am there.
Through whispers of love
And beautiful memories,
Through songs that
When played, remind you of me,
A word, a phrase
That I would have said,
A time, a place,
my voice in your head…
I am less than a millisecond away
Only in a different day.
Another place
Along the way
Never ever too far away.
Just call my name
And there I’d be.
I am SAFE in the
LOVE that you’ve  given to me.

Until the end of time.


The evil little imp.


I know an evil little imp
she’s short and very small
she barks and hisses
she snarles and disses
she’s smart and very strong
but uses it for wrong.
She pinches kids, twists their ears
and taunts them very long.
I know an evil little imp
she used to knock my head.
She’d pinch and squeeze
and laugh and tease
she’d fuss and fight
then claim she’s right.
She’s here, she’s there she’s everywhere.
People have enabled her.
She thought she was the queen.
She thought that she was it.
but suddenly she’s realized
her throne is made of shit.