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10 ways to raise your vibration

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Everyone and every thing on earth and in the universe at large is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. It is mental energy that motivates and inspires us, it is emotional energy that affects our state of emotional wellness, and it is our physical energy that gets us moving, physically. I’m sure you have heard how mental, emotional, and physical energies tend to affect each other. They all need to be in harmony, vibrating on a high frequency, for one to experience total wellness and joy.

When you vibrate on a low frequency you identify with sad and negative things. Your body lacks energy and it is difficult to see things positively. When you vibrate on a high frequency you feel gratitude, joy, and complete wellness. You attract positive things and wonderful experiences through the laws of attraction. Giving out positive messages (vibes) returns those same sort of vibes back to you, and these positive vibes affect all areas of your life until it becomes truly magical.

As bearers of light and love, it was never intended that we should be vibrating at low frequencies which in turn lowers the vibration of the entire planet. It is important that we recognise the role we play as humans on earth. We have the power to raise our vibrational frequency and that of our entire planet. It begins with you.

So how does one go about raising one’s vibration? Here are a few tips.

Become conscious of your thoughts at every moment and remove the negative ones. When negative thoughts cross your mind, try to turn them into positive thoughts. Repeat positive re-affirmations throughout your day e.g “today is going to be a highly productive day” ,  “I will succeed in everything I do”. When confronted with a problem or a negative, accept it, welcome it and then turn it into positive e.g “My first networking event wasn’t well attended this time. With a few positive changes and a better marketing approach it will surely be successful next time.”

Fear is one of humanity’s greatest obstacles to peace of mind and pure joy. The spirit of fear destroys so many things and most of the time it distorts the natural flow of things. With our constantly changing faster paced world, there are many stressors that lead to worry and fear. Fear of poverty, fear of illness, fear of rejection, even fear of love! Perhaps because we are (again) afraid to get hurt. Sometimes we need to let ourselves go. We must make a conscious effort to release fear from our minds and hearts. We need to simply BE.

Gratitude is of a very high vibration. Being able to express gratitude takes one to a higher vibrational frequency. Give thanks for your life on earth every morning you wake up. Look for the blessings in your life and give thanks. Even if you do this five minutes of every day you will notice a great change on your energy field.

Abundance is associated with high energy vibration. If you give more you will recieve more. It doesn’t always have to be money. It could be your time and energy used to help someone or something on our planet. Giving selflessly is a sure way to raise your frequency.

Take some time out of your day and dedicate it to meditation. Simply close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out. Pay attention to your breadth and allow yourself to “free your mind” of all thoughts especially the lower vibration thoughts. Use some of your meditation time to visualize positive and beautiful things that will in turn bring peace to your mind and joy to your heart. Through meditation one may even discover hidden spiritual talents! Don’t let these discoveries cause fear (as stated in point 2). Free your mind.

Such as a spiritual teacher, a like – minded friend who won’t judge you or your thoughts, a loving pet, even positive plants, flowers and trees in your garden. This may mean saying no to a toxic relationship. Spend time doing things you love and that bring you joy. It
could be art, craft, gardening, dancing, the list is endless. Engage yourself with people and things that bring you peace and happiness.

There is low vibration music and then there is music that takes one to the highest of vibrations. Choose carefully and wisely and feed your soul with music that uplifts your spirit. Dancing to happy music is a great way to raise your energy levels both physically and spiritually.

Everything we eat contributes to our energy field and either makes us slow or sluggish (lower vibration) or makes us light and full of energy. Raw foods are at the very top of the vibrational chart full of vitality and nutrition with the ability to heal. Eliminating processed foods, white flour, gluten, non organci meats, pesticides and chemicals from our diet promotes clarity of mind and spirit, giving high energy levels and optimum health. Many slaughter animals are multreated, fed chemicals and toxins therefore their meat is of a very low vibration full of hurt and sadness. By consuming these meats we transfer these low vibration energies unto ourselves. Eating a plant based diet is a great way to raise your vibration.

Together, we are one. By helping another to raise their vibration, we all rise. Be loving to another. Be helpful and caring not because you want anything in return but because you are giving selflessly and in the name of humanity. Your actions may change someone’s life and the gratitude they will have towards you will radiate and push your energy to an even higher frequency. Give and recieve.

There is beauty everywhere. Even in the so called ugliest of things there is beauty to be found. From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, focus on what is beautiful around you. Zoom in on that flower blooming by the roadside. Enjoy the sight of that mother carrying her child. Appreciate someone’s handmade products and comment on how beautiful they are. Add some color to your wardrobe. Create your own beauty from within and let it spread out to surround you and to touch others.

It is that simple! Be happy! Enjoy yourself! Think positive and do right.

Wishing you much love and light ❤

Phone Break!

I left my smart phone at home and took my smart self to the funeral. No what’s app, no facebook, no instagram, none of that. I made myself PRESENT. I allowed myself to be immersed in the pain, and I committed my time and energy. Not phone battery energy, my real energy. Seeing so many people rush towards the casket with their phones, tablets and selfie sticks really got me thinking about how things have changed in my lifetime.

Thanks to the timely intervention of the funeral moderators, announcing the family’s request for no pictures or videos, there will be no photos of the corpse circulating on social media. Oh yes we do this in Africa. We go to funerals, take photos of “popular corpses”, then circulate them on social media to boost our website traffic, facebook and instagram likes, and twitter following. Of course, the extreme morbid curiosity we display in this part of the world ensures that it all works together perfectly. We are truly becoming disconnected from the HEART of humanity and moving into a very dangerous place. We need to check ourselves. Especially in the face of tragedy and a grieving family.

If there is any positive feedback I can give you about what happened today, it would be the wake up call. Once in a while we get that shocking wake up call that reminds us that tomorrow is not promised. Our lives hang in the balance of the universe on a thread that is thinner than that of a spider’s web. It is
so thin, it is invisible to the naked eye. At any moment that thread can snap. Then what? We have been reminded that material worth means nothing if you don’t have love. We have been reminded how FAITH plays a vital role in our lives here on earth as well as in times of transition. We have been reminded to count every blessing and to savour all the beautiful moments. Unless of course you were checking your phone or taking a selfie and you missed the moments that mattered. I didn’t leave my phone at home deliberately. When I got into the car to leave I realized I had left it but I said to myself “Oh what the heck, forget the phone.”  And I’m glad I did.

Dealing with grief and the loss of loved ones.

Spirituality has a lot to do with the ways we process and deal with grief during the tragic loss of a loved one. Last night I received the tragic news of the transition of a brother – Jehad Ashkar and it took me back almost eleven years to the day I lost my brother Waleed. My mind immediately went to his family. His parents, sisters, recently wedded wife, and beautiful baby daughter. My sorrow feels deep and I feel strongly connected to this transition especially as I remember Jehad’s mother holding my hand and speaking words of comfort and encouragement on the morning Waleed passed.

Fast forward to facebook and all the posts pouring forth on our time lines.  Jehad was a great guy and it shows. Right now as I type this, pictures of him with tributes are circulating all over social media. Everyone has a great story to tell about him and his great personality not to mention his sense of adventure. Jehad was a rockstar.


How do we deal with such tragic losses while maintaining our sanity and earthly composure? How do we make sense of all the pains we go through as part of life? The pain we feel when we lose someone is proof of love. If it were not for love, there would be no pain. Ironic isn’t it? But yes. If I didn’t have love for him it wouldn’t hurt me if he’s gone. Pain is probably the greatest teacher that proves that love really does exist, has been, and will forever be the reason and essence of our existence, here and beyond. We are all spirits and energy living experiences in human form. The human journey always ends at some point but the energy is always there. The “soul” and essence of who you are and what you love will always remain continuous. If not here, somewhere else in the universe. And if you believe this, you will “overstand” the human experience and how to deal with each wave of emotion as it comes. First comes the shock and the intense wave of pain and emotional suffering through which comes either denial or acceptance of what has transpired. Many go through years of denial, not wanting to accept what has happened. Some bereaved people go through denial until they pass on themselves. When acceptance comes, it comes with peace and understanding. Some people make peace with the departed spirits and some are lucky enough to catch a glimpse into the “state” or “condiditon” in which they exist now.

I have had visions connected to my father and brother. In the last one they were together in a beautiful place all dressed up and elegant looking, almost angelic. There was love and joy in the vision and my heart felt at peace.

My heart is aching in unison with the heart of the family and friends of Jehad. I am sending love and healing vibes to all who have been affected by his passing. I pray for his soul as he finds eternal love and light.

This is our human experience. This is what love feels like.

My angel Waleed ♡

What an angel I have found in Waleed. He has always been a silent whisper in my life even after his passing. I remember 3 years ago, having a spiritual “chat” with him and telling him how I wanted a son like him. A day after this “chat” with Wele my mum called and told me she had dreamt I had a handsome baby boy with beautiful curly hair. I laughed it off but a week later I found out I was pregnant with Nolly! Then comes surprise number 2.

While pregnant with Elyse, the name “Elise” kept ringing in my head and appearing in my mind’s eye. I tried to search for baby girl names, looking for a name I absolutely loved more than “Elise” but I kept hearing and “feeling” this same name and no other name seemed right. My husband seemed to also be stuck on Elise. We ended up choosing a different spelling and named her Elyse. Just last week it occurred to me that Beethoven had composed a classical piece called “Fur Elise” (meaning “for Elise”) so I decided to find it online and listen. I burst into tears because I knew that song! I just never knew the title. EVERYTIME Waleed would sit at a piano, he would play this piece. He loved it so much and played it so well and I never got tired of hearing and watching him play it. Few months before his passing I sat next to him on the same piano stool while he played it. Little did we realize he was playing a song for his future niece. I love the meaning of the name “Elyse” (which means “connected to God”) but I have also named her after a beautiful piece of music that I once shared with an angel. ♡


Lifting the veil – my journey (Vol. 1)

ImageWe live in a world of illusion that is shaped by our collective consciousness. To many this sounds like nonsense, but to enlightened and awakening souls, this is well understood. We are all a part of something great and beautiful; something even greater and more beautiful than our simple human minds can comprehend.Some of us are concerned about the way things are going on earth and that is why we choose to help others to seek and find love, to spread love. to know love, and to be one in love. This is because it is ONLY through love that we as humanity can survive these trying times.

The veil that hangs over our ‘eyes’ was woven into existence by many different forces and situations over time, causing us humans to see things much differently than we really should.

Material possessions as a measure of importance and self worth

Many of us believe what we have is a reflection of who we are. No wonder such people can never really find themselves because what they have is never enough. We’re constantly chasing after the next big thing and when we do find it, we quickly get tired of it and need to move on to something else; a vicious cycle of illusion versus reality, and a slow breakdown of our true sense of ‘self’.

The self is a reflection of the divine and until the self re-unites with the divine, one can never find ‘one-ness’ and happiness. Our ultimate goal in spirit is to become one with the divine and “material jungle warfare” prevents that! If everyone lived simply and  took only what they NEEDED, this world would surely be a better place with a MUCH better vibe going on.

In Ghana where I live, material possessions are strong status symbols, influencing how one is perceived in society. Material possessions are also cause for envy and jealousy and people spiting each other. There is a very STRONG negative burden in the air around here which I like to refer to as an ‘energy knot’. There is a challenge for love energy to be able to flow freely because of the entanglement of negative emotions caused by the breakdown of self esteem and our sense of true self worth. The Ghanaian situation (which also applies to a large part of the African continent) is further complicated by the scars left behind from Colonialism and slavery encounters. The energies from these historical wounds are still raging through the Ghanaian collective consciousness, fighting for release. Our desire to ‘be someone’ as people here put it, has led to a huge expansion of the rat race. Corruption is at its peak here and we have recently been named the 3rd most corrupt country in the world. Ironically, while driving through the streets of Accra, one comes across a Church or two almost every Kilometer! Billboards of church advertisements, pastor(s) image campaigns, religious seminars or conventions are springing up everywhere and the leaders of these religious groups are wearing the best Armani suits, driving Range Rovers, wearing Rolex watches, and working towards the next humungous tower in the name of “the Lord”.  There is a lot more to be said about this, but I will pause it here, and as I continue to ‘feel out’ the situation I will keep blogging so that all dear ones out there will work with me to channel love and light to my dear country Ghana. We need it desperately.

The process of lifting the spiritual veil that covers one’s spiritual and all-encompassing vision includes realization, spiritual enlightenment, and ascension of the soul/spirit to resonate on a higher frequency, leaving behind the worldly illusion, and seeking the path of light where ONLY LOVE matters.

I myself am seeking the path of enlightenment and learning more and more as I go. Sometimes I feel like I am ‘remembering’ or getting in touch with a lost part of myself. Start by simply BEING. Living in the moment and spending some quiet time with yourself. Meditation is a great way to get started on your awakening. I will be back soon with more on my personal experiences as I embark on this exciting journey of self and universal love.