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Orchids make me smile :)

Gardening gives me joy. Seeing those plants, flowers, trees, and crops grow is a very fulfilling thing for me. Recently I moved out into the countryside and my new garden is slowly taking shape. My favorite flowers are Orchids; I find them to be extremely special, very classy,  high maintenance, and sometimes require ages of patience before you get to see a single flower. In this part of the world, tropical Dendrobium orchids do amazingly well (go figure 🙂 so I started slipping into my Orchid addiction a couple of years ago. It was actually an infection passed on from my mum, she is crazy about them!

I started growing Orchids just around the time my dog Goldie had her 7 puppies. Cute, but not so cute for the flowers! These puppies had some special attraction to Orchids. They would rip them right out of the pots, play with them, chew on them.. and they carried out this special activity only late at night when I was asleep or in the wee hours of the morning. I have cried over many a lost Orchid. Some of the pups moved on to new homes and finally after raising many pots (above puppy level) and trying to impose some discipline around here I’ve decided to give it my best shot once again.

Here is a picture of one of my very first bloomers:

I hope some Orchid specialists will see this and help me name my orchids by type and species (which is my next project if I ever find the time).

This one here came in early November:

Dendrobium Orchid

This next one is my latest bloomer, she started blooming the week of Christmas 2011 and she’s still here.. although looking a little frail now.

Christmas 2011

Orchids make me smile 🙂