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My Child has a cold! Natural home remedies every mum needs to know.

I get seriously stressed out when my child has a cold, especially my Nolly who sometimes develops serious allergies and keeps me up all night in a frenzy trying to keep him as comfortable as possible. The younger the child, the more stressful it is in my opinion. Little babies and even some toddlers can’t blow their nose yet so it can be really frustrating.

If you are dealing with a common cold there are a few natural home remedies that can help your little one fight the phlegm.

Breast milk!
The number one defense against colds and sickness in babies. If your child is still breastfeeding this is one of the best ways to rid him or her of a cold. Breastfeed as often as possible during this time.

Vitamin C
Fortify your child’s water with powdered vitamin c or dissolve a tablet in your little one’s water bottle.

Make sure they drink a lot of water and natural fruit juices. Staying hydrated is very important.

Honey and lemon
In some warm water, or in the water bottle, lemon juice will help your child fight a cold. This is recommended for children older than 18 months. Add a  dash of honey to soothe a sore throat and cough.

If your child is old enough to eat regular food, cook with lots of garlic and make salads and dips with it. Add a few chopped onions in their food for even more antibiotic action.

Onions around your child’s bed at night will help eliminate toxins in the air and around your little one. Just a peeled whole onion on a plate by your child’s bedside will help. Placing sliced onions in their socks also helps remove toxins and bring down fevers.

Coconut Oil
Mix some vaporub with Coconut oil and rub over the child’s chest and back. For babies under one year old use a few drops of Eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil. Re apply every few hours.

Ginger tincture
I do this occasionally for my son. Wash some ginger root, put it in a cup and pour hot water into the cup. Let it steep for at least half an hour before you start using it. Add a tablespoon of this tincture to warm tea, water, or juice to get rid of chest and nasal congestion.