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MY Natural Hair Care method


It’s been over four years since I switched to 100% natural hair care. I went through a transitional period and then finally arrived in the land of healthy, additive free, toxic chemical – free,  happy curls!

I am writing this blog post for all you natural and natural wannabe “curlies”. Enjoying your natural locks is much easier than you think, and without all the products!
I have always had very thick and DRY hair believe it or not. Growing up, my hair had always been a struggle to keep and I have been through more hair products in my life than I would like to remember. I have written in earlier posts about my switch to natural hair care so please do a search if you are interested in learning how to transition.

Once you have made the switch you will need to know how to maintain your natural locks without having to struggle with dryness, combing, styling, or having the look you are going for. I have developed a method that works very well for different types of curls in their natural state.

I am assuming you wash with an all natural method – Rhassoul clay, natural chemical free shampoo, or bicarbonate (like I do). Make sure you have also incorporated Apple cider vinegar by using it in a rinse after every hair wash.
I recommend a hair mask once a week to nourish and to give extra moisture and shine. Here is an example of a do-it-yourself home hair mask:

Half cup mayonnaise
1 blended avocado
1 tpsp honey
4 tbsp coconut oil

Mix all the ingredients together to form a paste. Work into your hair and sprinkle some water in addition if your hair is too dry. This is just to allow the damp hair to absorb the mask. Leave the mask in for at least 30 minutes and then wash with your preferred natural method.

Always take your conditioner and moisturizer into the bath or shower with you because this is where you will apply products and not after your bath. Applying natural oils, butters, and conditioner  while the hair is damp is a great way to lock in moisture. I also realized that combing my hair was becoming too stressful for my hair so I started resorting to more ‘finger styling’ I.e using my fingers to help de-tangle and style my hair. After a hair wash and vinegar rinse with warm water, I would use M.Y Hair oil or Hair butter as moisturizer. Be generous with your trusted products. The more non-greasy moisture you have, the better.

Resist over combing your hair and try to style with your fingers as much as possible. DO NOT COMB YOUR HAIR WHEN IT IS DRY. It’s really bad especially for hair that tangles up like mine. If necessary use a brush for your finished look. Natural Hair butters and hair puddings are great to keep your edges sorted and to give extra shine.

So here are the steps:
1. Natural wash, apple cider vinegar and condition
2. Apply natural leave in products while in shower.
3. Comb or style your hair while its still wet and then leave it to air dry naturally.


Hair Salad! Featuring Olive oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

If you allow your hair to maintain its natural PH balance you will really enjoy keeping and styling your own natural hair. I know maintenance can be a nightmare for those of us with thick hair. My hair is quite dry and is constantly craving moisture. Whatever texture or type of hair you have you will definitely benefit from going natural, and nourishing your hair with natural conditioners and moisturizers.yazzzzz

Today I’ll be talking about Olive oil and Apple Cider vinegar as part of your natural hair care routine, and how you can use these ingredients to improve the health of your crowning glory. Whatever your hair type is, a hair mask is a great addition to your hair care routine. With the right mix of ingredients, a hair mask done on a regular basis will give your hair body and shine and may help stop breakage.

Use Rhassoul clay or a mixture of ground herbs to form the base of your hair mask. Have you tried Mayonnaise? It may not be so good for the waistline but it definitely contributes to a banging hair mask!
Take your clay and/or herbs and mix in the mayonnaise to form a base. If you are using clay you will probably need to add some water to the mix.

Olive oil is one of the most therapeautic and healing oils you can find. Amazingly beneficial for skin and hair, this oil will provide heavy moisture and conditioning, and will enhance the effectiveness of a hair treatment. Beware of products that read ‘Olive Oil’ but which only have olive oil as part of the formulation. Use pure, natural olive oil; and it doesn’t really matter if it’s virgin or pomace.

Madame Yasmeen carries Rhassoul clay, and makes a 100% natural hair oil (olive oil included). This is what I usually use as the oil component in my hair mask.

Apply a generous amount of your hair mask to your scalp and hair and leave it in for at least 20 minutes. If you have time you can leave it in for longer.

Apple Cider vinegar is the dressing! 🙂 That comes after you have washed out the hair mask. Using apple cider vinegar to rinse your hair will help bring it to its natural PH level and NO your hair will not smell like a salad after all this 🙂
Add half a cup of the vinegar (apple cider only please) to about 2 gallons of warm water and use this to rinse your hair. Consider this your rinse water and dont be tempted to do another rinse with water only. Air dry or towel dry your hair after the ACV rinse and then follow up with a good moisturizer. Here again, just Olive oil or Madame Yasmeen’s 100% natural hair butter or hair oil will give your hair just enough moisture while allowing your scalp to ‘breathe’. Try it! and let me know.how it goes. Till next time ····

Whipped Sugar Scrub with Cocoa Butter

I’ve been wearing my mad scientist hat all weekend. When I wear my mad scientist hat I’m transformed into an absolutely mad Kitchen Chemist, ready to try anything. Well, almost :).
This past weekend, I made some of my usual recipes like my best-selling Chocolate soap and Cocoa Body Butter. This morning however, I am finishing a beautiful, new and improved version of my whipped sugar scrub.

I make ‘buttery’ scrubs using Shea Butter most of the time but I’ve realized that since Cocoa Butter is not quite as thick and heavy as Shea Butter, it makes a ‘fluffier’ scrub which I absolutely adore. Don’t get me wrong, Shea makes an incredible scrub as well which gives a more intensive moisturizing action. For this reason I recommend my Shea Butter based scrubs for aging skin. Anyway! Back to the point! The new and improved Cocoa Butter scrub!

I incorporated some emulsifying wax into the formula and what e-wax does is that it allows the oil and water to form a ‘bond’ therefore allowing the product to wash off easier than if it were made with oil or butters alone. Although the product washes off it leaves the skin soft and moisturized afterwards.

Would you like to try your own simple whipped scrub?
Here’s a guide! I’ll put down a simple recipe in percentages so that you are free to use your preferred units of measurement. Also, in the spirit of being creative, I have suggested various ingredients which you can use according to your individual taste (or vision).

At least 50% Butters (Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Mango Butter, any of your favourites)
20 – 50% Liquid Oils (Olive, Coconut, Jojoba, Rice bran, Rose hip, any favorites? leave a comment! 🙂
10% E-wax
A few drops of your favorite Essential oil or fragrance

Make sure you know enough about Essential Oils and fragrances before you try to use them. For 100g of product you will need only a few drops of Essential Oil or fragrance.

Melt your butters together with your e-wax and oils, whip them all together with a hand mixer and then cool them before whipping again to get a beautiful fluffy look like this:

After you whip, add some sugar to the mix:

Mix with a spoon till the sugar is evenly dispersed throughout:

Voila! A beautiful whipped sugar scrub 🙂 Here are my filled containers:

Keep the scrubs in a cool, dry place. Too much heat will make them go flat.

Till next time, have a BEAUTY-FULL day! 😀