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Just for fun! Makeup, Costume, and Selfies.

I’ve been having lots of fun with costumes, makeup and accessories since I got back into full time performance and stage craft. Altering my eye color has been lots of fun too! 😆

Here are a few recent photos:

Blue eye makeup
"You Cam" makeup simulation.

I think this eye color looks nice…

Crazy eyes!

Here I am in front of M.Y. Beauty shop. Love this coffee lipstick and my favourite MAC liquid eyeliner..


And I’ll finish off with another eye color change. Grrrrrrr!!!! Follow me on Twitter and instagram @yasmeenthevoice


One love!


Makeup Wednesday (just for fun)


My #makeup today ❀ Clinique light face powder 💕 Eyeshadow  in pink and purple shades by SLEEK. I love their eyeshadow! ❀ Blue eyeliner by Beauty touch (Arctic Iceman) and lipstick by MAC. Finished off the look with my current favourite L’Oreal Mega volume mascara from the L’OrΓ©al Miss Manga punky collection. It’s wild! I’m thinking of a thousand ways I could go crazy with this 👌💖💕