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Music for Kids!


Being exposed to music so early in my life must have had a huge impact on my brain and level of creativity. I have always lived with this huge “bundle of talents” and although I’m sometimes a little quirky, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Having my children and being lucky enough to sometimes see through their eyes, I have come to understand the importance of early childhood development and the importance of music in this development. It is unfortunate that our system doesn’t take music more seriously or make it a more important part of our school curriculum. It not only develops creativity, discipline and spatial intelligence; early music development is also linked to better social development and is an amazing avenue for self expression. Music can help one through trauma and tragedy (I can testify to this). It inspires, uplifts, and heals the soul.

I have been inspired over and over again into going ahead with this journey into the world of teaching kids music. Just like my brother Waleed and I dreamt about all those years ago. 
Summer vacation is about to start and I am excited!

Music workshops for children starts Wednesday 13th July at Kiddygram Montessori in North Dzorwulu for ages ONE YEAR AND UP. Children under 3 must be accompanied. During the summer vacation, workshops will be available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10am to 1pm and we will be covering areas such as Rhythm and percussion, Learning sounds, voice, and melody.

If you live in Accra and would like more information about my music workshops please email gogreenbutterfly@gmail.com or call 0247900791.

One love!!!